Cooking has always formed an integral part of our family daily routine.  Being born and bred in a family of farmers, with nostalgia we remember ourselves growing up watching our mum and nan cooking authentic Maltese dishes.   Our nan’s old and half torn recipe book formed the roots of these secret recipes and for this reason my grandmother always held it closely to her chest.

All the recipes had a story behind them, but the basis of traditional rural cooking coupled by genuine produce from my father’s farm, always made the end result a memorable one.  The taste, aroma and experience were always to die for!

For this reason, I decided to keep my nan’s memory alive and thus have now myself started organizing hands on cooking classes for anyone interested to learn more about traditional Maltese dishes

Would you like to replicate some of the dishes we enjoyed as kids?

Then come to our farmhouse kitchen in our rustic village in Dingli and discover the secrets of our peasant country cooking.

Learn more about our simple yet yummy recipes made from our own home grown produce and enjoy hearing the story behind each traditional dish

Cooking classes are convened at Diar Il-Bniet farm house kitchen studio located in Dingli, a truly rustic village on the island

Should you need transport, do let us know so that we organize it for you at an extra charge.

If you would like to make this a day to remember and share the experience with family and friends back home, we can also organize a photographer for you. Quotes can be sent to you on request.

Vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options are always available on request.

Maltese Rural

Choose this experience for a three-hour hands-on cooking class. You will have the opportunity to cook a full blown menu, from appetizer to dessert, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Whilst every dish will be introduced by a family story or a local tradition, you will learn the tricks of my grandmother’s traditional cooking. You will discover the secrets of the local peasant country cooking. Read More

Farm to Table

In the early morning we will visit our 600 acres of farmland situated 100m away from our kitchen. We will choose and harvest the freshest seasonal ingredients. We will learn how to choose and use the best seasonal products and we will cook a wholesome meal. The farm visit will be followed by a three-hour hands-on cooking class to create a whole menu, from appetizer to dessert. Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options are always available on request Read More

Ravioli Making

Nothing gives you more satisfaction than learning the art of making fresh hand made ravioli. Our chef will guide you through the motions of making the dough, creating fillings and producing the ravioli. A pot of boiling water and some lovely tomato sauce or butter and sage and you have your plate of ravioli in the making! Bon Appetite!


Bread & Traditional Maltese Ftira Making

Join us on a gastronomic journey to learn the art of bread and
traditional Maltese ftira making. Our baker will teach you how to make the special dough from scratch and guide you all the way to making this delicious creation
with sensational toppings. The finale is your very own recipe which
you will then bake in our fabulous wood burning oven.

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