Maltese Rural Cooking Class Programme

Choose this experience for a three-hour hands-on cooking class. You will have the opportunity to cook a full blown menu, from appetizer to dessert, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Whilst every dish will be introduced by a family story or a local tradition, you will learn the tricks of my grandmother’s traditional cooking. You will discover the secrets of the local peasant country cooking.

Accompanying guest can join us for the meal. If you have special requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This will  include;

Half a day hands-on Maltese cooking class

A relaxing lunch with local wine

A Diar il-Bniet Kitchen apron

Recipes of the Dishes Prepared

Program Info:

Location: Dingli

Venue: Diar il-Bniet Farmhouse Kitchen

Duration: approx. 5 hours (including final dinner)

Number of Participants: minimum 2 person


Our most popular seasonal plates

Antipasto (Starter): Traditional Typical Maltese Platter

First Course: Seasonal Veg Balbuljata (Maltese eggs and tomatoes) (v) or   Maltese Vermicelli Omlette or Tuna Patties

Main Course: Beef Olives or Pork belly stew  or Stuffed Aubergines (v)

Side dish: Roasted seasonal vegetables

Dessert: Maltese bread pudding or Seasonal Poached Fruit

These are just a few options, menus will vary according to your preferences and to the season. If you opt for the market class, we’ll choose the menu together during the morning shopping.

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