Looking for things to do in Malta? Check out our selection of events at Diar il-Bniet which take place throughout the whole year.

We feel that organised events are the best way  to pass on the traditions of our forefathers and our much loved Nanna Manan. With an Estate as large and as varied as Diar il-Bniet, our events may vary.

The fruit of our land is what makes Diar il-Bniet what it is – the Home of traditional fresh Maltese Food.

We look forward to greeting you!

Bee Keeping Workshops

The workshop will take you inside a working beehive to discover the world of the honeybee and its management, demonstrate equipment required by a bee-keeper, and give an overview of the beekeeping year. Then take a small pot of this season’s floral honey from us on the house

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Sheep Cheese Making Workshop

Join us in an extraordinary trip where you will be able to see a real livestock sheep farm, observe sheeps milk cheeses and cheeselets being made and then return to our rural farmhouse kitchen where we will make cheeselets the old fashioned way in Maltese qwieleb. Take them home with you and enjoy them on their own or on a delicious plate of pasta

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Sundried Tomato Preserving and Tomato Puree making

The heavenly smell of tomatoes drying in the sun with salted surface ripening and waiting for the right time to be harvested and placed snuggly into jars waiting to be tucked into with a hunk of crusty Maltese bread. That is what awaits you in our sundried tomato and tomato puree workshop. Done from scratch nothing beats home-made tomato puree to cook with or just simply spread on a piece of hobz biz-zejt.

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Nature Crafts

Sign up for a craft class with friends and have some fun creating beautiful designs using our own fresh produce, paper, wood and much more.

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Art on the Farm

In the tranquil Valley of Wied Hazrun in the heart of Dingli, Lemon Groves, rolling boulders and rocks exist harmoniously to create the perfect canvas for the budding or experienced artist. Join us on our painting expeditions where you can fill your canvas or board to your heart’s content.

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Poetry in the Groves

Once a month we gather in our tranquil 700 year old Olive Groves and read poetry. It’s a bonding experience one that will fulfill the avid connoisseur of eloquent words. We take it turns to read from our favourite poetry books and after we serve refreshments.