Easter Lent Sweet – Kwarezimal

Kwarezimal is a Maltese Lenten biscuit cookie. This Kwarezimal recipe originated a long time ago when strict fasting was more common. Since this recipe contains no eggs or fat it was permitted during Lent.

Orange Marmalade Recipe

Winter is here and so is it's produce. Oranges are best is Winter, with the cold breeze and rainy days on going, the trees will feed and grow into a strong ones. Producing lots of juicy oranges, but what to do with all of the produce ? Check out our recipe of how we do the orange marmalade, this recipe fills up 4 Jars (212ml) https://diarilbniet.comproduct/orange-marmalade/

Laħam imtektek fuq il-Fwar bit-Tewn u t-Tursin

A very traditional dish which used to be served back in time, usually when someone was sick. Why you may ask? Well at that time there wasn’t a fuss about medication especially when someone had the flu or fever, so the natural remedy to cure the sickness was a classical pot of vegetable broth. Ones the preparation of the broth is ready and it’s on the stove simmering slowly they used to alternate to something...