Laħam imtektek fuq il-Fwar bit-Tewn u t-Tursin

A very traditional dish which used to be served back in time, usually when someone was sick. Why you may ask? Well at that time there wasn’t a fuss about medication especially when someone had the flu or fever, so the natural remedy to cure the sickness was a classical pot of vegetable broth.

Ones the preparation of the broth is ready and it’s on the stove simmering slowly they used to alternate to something else. Using an enamel or ceramic plate placing it on top of the pot, they used to cook this famous traditional dish for the other people in the house. When placing the plate on top of the pot they would start layering the ingredients. Very thin slices of potatoes were placed first than layering of the beef, importantly to add garlic and parsley to every layer. This kind of dish took time to be done and eaten but the meat would be tender as if you’re cutting butter. Now a days this technique is no longer used due to change in life and methods. Try our recipe of the Steamed Layered Beef and tell us what you think about this traditional dish. Modern method also available.


  • Laħam tal-friza Minute steak
  • Tursin Parsley
  • Tewn aħdar Green garlic
  • Żejt taż-żebbuġa Olive oil
  • Melħ u Bżar Salt and pepper


Get a dish which fits perfectly when placing it on top of a pot which will have a simmering soup in it or water.

Pour some oil in the dish and start by covering the dish with slices of meat than season with salt and pepper, add green garlic and parsley. After add a few tablespoons of water.

Keep repeating this step depending on the portions and space you have.

Cover dish with foil and keep it simmering for approx. one hour and let the natural goodness give it’s taste. Modern method is the same put instead of putting it on top of a pot, you put it in the oven.