Agricultural tours delivered with passion

Here’s a unique opportunity to truly connect with the rural charm that defines Malta – 3 agricultural tours delivered with a passion that only those who hold this fertile land close to their heart can deliver.

We are now offering three tours ideal for those who like to learn, taste and enjoy the nature that makes up truly authentic food.

All tours can be combined with a tasting and dining experience.

Sheep Farm Tours

Farms still constitute a way of life for some in Malta. Our counterparts’ farmland in the outskirts of Attard, features sprawling farming landscapes including grazing of over 400 sheep.

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Lemon Grove Tours

Come and join us on an enchanting tour at our Lemon Grove in Dingli and meet our farmers who will take you through the process of fruit bearing, explain the importance of the climate and share with you a couple of homegrown produce tips!

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Vineyard Tours

Experience an exclusive tour of our vineyards in the limits of Żebbug and enjoy a tasting of our authentic selection of house wines which are vinified, matured and bottled on the estate.

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Dingli History Trail

The village of Dingli enjoys a rich history that includes the King Of Sicily and the knights of the order of St John and we are proud of it which is why we want to share this amazing place with as many people as we can. We start from Diar Il-Bniet and take you all around the wonderful monuments, and buildings each complimented with cherished stories of their own. What better way to finish this off than with a wonderful lunch of centuries old recipes of Maltese cuisine prepared by our chefs.

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Cycling Circuits

If you have never been to Had-Dingli then our cycling circuit is just the ticket to explore this charming village full of history. You will start from Diar il-Bniet and follow a lovely trail that will take you past Dingli Cliffs and Wied Hazrun where you will rest in the shade of the Lemon Groves and eat a lovely lunch of Maltese Antipasti and plenty of fresh home-made lemonade.

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See more of Malta in less time—and enjoy seamless access to some of the island’s most ruggedly beautiful scenery—on a Segway tour. The soaring Dingli Cliffs are your main destination; the island’s highest point offering impeccable views. Safety equipment, and a training session are all included.

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