Lemon Grove Tours

Are you keen to learn more about Maltese farmland with particular focus on the history of citrus fruit?

Come and join us on an enchanting tour at our Lemon Grove in Dingli and meet our farmers who will take you through the process of fruit bearing, explain the importance of the climate and share with you a couple of homegrown produce tips!

Enjoy a succession of land rich in trees and learn more about the history of the grove. End the tour with a refreshing homemade lemonade or join us at our restaurant for a paired food tasting or lunch/dinner

Lemon Grove Tour and a Fresh Lemonade

A Lemon Grove Tour in a picturesque valley in the outskirts of Dingli followed by a fresh homemade Lemonade at our Restaurant

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Lemon Grove Tour and Tasting

A Lemon Grove Tour followed by a Tasting of our Homemade Lemon Jams, Pickles and Bakes at our Restaurant in Dingli.

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Lemon Grove Tour and a Lunch/Dinner

A Lemon Grove Tour followed by a Set Menu Lunch or Dinner prepared by our chefs  at our Farm to Table Restaurant

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