Luxury Hamper

*Delivery fee not included in the price. Delivery to Gozo is currently not available.


This hamper consists of:

1ltr Unfiltered Olive Oil

75cl Diar il-Bniet Girgentina House Wine

75cl Diar il-Bniet Merlot House Wine

1070ml Strawberry Jam

517ml Maltese Olive Fiesta

317ml Salted Tuna

212ml Delicattesen Mix

212ml Honey

212ml Orange Marmalade

212ml Lemon Marmalade

212ml Homemade Kunserva

106ml Hot Peppers Tapenade

106ml Olive Tapenade

106ml Diar il-Bniet Tapenade

106ml Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade

212ml Dried Sheep Cheeselets

250g Helwa ta’ Tork

212ml Carob Syrup

Presented in a  large Luxury Jute Bag with leather handles.