Our Story

A look between the gnarled olive branches of Dingli, right into the kitchen of Diar il-Bniet

What We Do

We at Diar il-Bniet have a passion for the food we produce. We hand pick each ingredient and then employ our traditional methods to create the flavoursome home cooked meals our consumers have come to expect of us.

Family History in Agriculture

Homegrown produce and Maltese cuisine has been at the heart of our family for decades. Fond childhood memories flood our minds as we get a whiff of a fresh dish leaving the kitchen at Diar il-Bniet.

After Sunday mass, our family would gather expectantly at our grandmother’s house and readily absorb all her cooking techniques before sitting at table together.

Who We Are

Our humble beginnings are at the core of our restaurant concept. Diar il-Bniet is loyal to the family’s origins and heavily inspired by the teachings of our grandmother, Manan. The cuisine we provide at our eatery is nothing short of a family legacy, one we wish our clients to experience through every sense.

Diar il-Bniet Team

What is our Passion?

Diar il-Bniet prides itself in its use of home-grown produce, freshly picked from the family-run farm roughly 200 meters away. Their estate consists of over 600 acres of land covered in rich, dark, soil which is religiously ploughed and cultivated. This soil is home to a number of different fruits and vegetables which are grown according to season.


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