Kids Cooking Club

Cooking and Food Educational Classes for Kids, Juniors and Teens

Our classes are perfect for individuals or groups looking for a highly personalized cooking experience.  Kids and teens will learn where specific ingredients come from, follow a recipe, do basic maths, modify recipes into a healthier version, utilize new techniques and work as a team to prepare a favorite meal.

Our trained chef instructor will teach mix and measure, properly use a knife, the science behind ingredients and how to safely use appliances while keeping in mind kitchen safety rules, food safety and personal hygiene. Participants will receive take-home recipes to recreate the meal and practice their new cooking skills.

Kids Cookery & Craft Making Course

The act of cooking and baking is not only a fun activity, but it also empowers kids and teaches them fundamental life skills, boosting their confidence, and even practicing fine-motor skills. The concept of farm to fork using fresh and local produce will be promoted as to create wholesome snack or meals.  Even better, helping in the kitchen can entice even the fussiest of eaters to try something new and maybe add a new veg or two to their limited repertoire. This is the opportunity to teach your child about food and familiarize them with the kitchen environment. More Info.



Junior Chefs Cookery Course

This is the best way to let your kids get creative with cooking whist keeping your kitchen clean. Enroll them in a hands-on class where they will learn how to follow instructions and wide range of cooking skills that will last them a lifetime – from healthy ways of creating a beef burger, to baking quiche, fruit compote and decorating cupcakes. This is possibly the best and most creative use of your kids summer holidays and getting yourself out of making them lunch. More Info.


Teens Cookery Course

Teenagers will have the opportunity to master the fundamentals of cooking, enjoy working alongside classmates whilst learning different cooking techniques – from the different ways to cooking seasonal veggies to making a traditional pizza, baked imqaret and fresh spaghetti. The production and process of food in relation to better understating of where food comes from will be one of the highlights in this course. Make the most of their summer and enroll your teen in this enriching course that will come in handy throughout life. More Info.