Educational School Outings

Seasonal Baking

Our seasonal baking sessions have been created to involve the children in a team spirit and learning to share and bond. This is done by means of methodology involving the children in a step by step action that will always involve helping each other out. They enjoy the hands-on approach to the preparing of the baking and are thrilled by their results after. The baked products are consumed on the premises and drink is provided.

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Lemon Grove Tour & Picking

Our Lemon Groves are a place of adventure and exploration there is so much to discover when taken on this exciting nature trail that ends in a lemon picking session. The beauty of this event is the gem of valley in Had-Dingli called Wied Hazrun. The children are taken on a gentle nature trek discovering local flora and fauna including the Maltese painted frog. Along the way we teach them about our local wild flora and their sometimes medicinal, or edible properties.Lunch and drink is provided.

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Farm Kids Crafts

As much as possible we encourage the children to use their creative skills by taking them out in the countryside to forage and choose some of the material they will use to create their crafts. We provide the tools and other materials to finish their creation which they will then take home with them. Lunch and drink is provided.

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Strawberry fields

Our strawberry fields are glorious when in season, carpets of red and green meld harmoniously with the smell of strawberries wafting in the air. And the children just love it, picking the sweet and luscious ripe red fruits. This event is complimented with a nature trail where the children interact by using their senses to experience the different smells and textures of the local flora.