The Tig - 27 Mar 2015

When asked to go to Malta for ElleUK, to not only discover the beautiful island, but also the land from which my great grandmother hailed, I said yes without hesitation. It’s Malta! A beautiful jewel of an island dotted in the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisia, and Libya.


My Name is Yeh - 29 Sep 2016

It was great because I was with Brian and Alana in literally King's Landing, and then later on we were saved by a cake recommendation followed by a mean spaghetti pie.

Two Days in Malta

Fix Feast Flair - 2 Oct 2015

After 10 days in Europe filled with lots of laughter, countless Italian wines, and mountains of food, I'm back, stateside, and so grateful for all the picturesque days spent in Tuscany and two whole days in Malta.

7 Things To Do And See This Winter In Malta And Gozo

The Culture Trip - 3 Feb 2016

You’ll be forgiven for thinking Malta is synonymous with sea, sun and fun, considering its 300 days of sunshine. Excluding the infrequent torrential rains and chaotic road flooding, Malta truly enjoys mild winters with daytime temperatures varying between 13 and 20 degrees Celsius. Whether you’re the sporty type, in need of a quick break, up for an adventure, or simply looking for your next culture fix, we know what will get you head over heels...