Summer special

Summer appetites call for lighter more varied food.

So as from the 21st June, join us every Thursday and Friday evening at Diar il-Bniet for a luscious choice of authentic Maltese food, an outdoor space to keep it breezy, and music to keep you going.

Indulge in our buffet style table of nibbles and dishes made with fresh summer produce harvested from our estate.  The Summer special is full of Maltese delicacies, traditional yummies and mouth watering plates, come and enjoy a large selection of Maltese antipasti and delis such as;

Sheep cheeselets, sundried tomatoes, marinated olives, beans with garlic and parsley, broad bean dip, fresh local bread with tomato paste, smoked Maltese sausage, Caponata, seasonal salads, fritters, patties and many more!!

View menu here

Advanced booking is recommended

Eat all you can for only €15pp (exc. VAT)

2762 0727