New Autumn Dishes

Traditional Maltese ftira with tomatoes, lettuce, pickled onions, Maltese sausage and fresh sheep cheese

This classic mix combines moorish Maltese Capers, traditional sheeps milk Gbejnet, local Dingli Olives and stuffed tomatoes sundried on the roof of Diar il-Bniet. The delicious accompaniment is an instantly recognisable family favourite. A quick farmers snack which is easy to do and a very appetising. Nothing tastes better when eating this at the farm.

Stuffed Potatoes with Minced beef

A different way to present your vegetables. The traditional Bolognese sauce served in home grown potatoes and baked to a crunchy crust served with seasonal baked vegetables.

Pan fried tuna and cauliflower patties served with spinach sautéed in garlic and cream

The way ‘Nanna’ use to make them, crunchy and tasty, You’ll surely open an appetite ones you smell the sizzling patties getting cooked up.

Traditional Maltese Local Fish soup

Because eating meat during Lent was not permitted, Aljotta was very popular during Lent. This soup calls for the whole Fish head and tail included in order to develop the best flavor possible.

Typical White bait zeppole on seasonal salad

A twist of traditions but the taste still remains the same as if you went to the local baker on a Sunday Morning.

Braised pork shanks and cheeks with lemon and rosemarie

The typical Roast you’ll find at your family dinner gathering. The aroma while roasting will melt your heart. This dish takes hours to be cooked properly but rest as sure that the tender meat will melt in your mouth.

Spaghetti with Octopus sauce

This recipe is not fancy, it simply octopus and aromas straight up!