DIB Estate

The makings of Diar il-Bniet, the estate and those who reside within it

History of DIB Estate

The estate’s title translates to ‘House for the Girls’, referring to its former female inhabitants. The meaning behind this has been lost to the ravages of time; however, some villagers still claim you can see three mysterious girls crossing the road on moonlit nights.

The Fountain and the Chapel

In the back garden of the estate is a jus patronatus church, Sta. Domenica, built in the 17th century. Stemming from the sanctuary is a flight of stairs which lead to a natural spring fountain, known as L-Għajn Ħassellin, which was a primary source of water back when it did not flow from taps. It is suggested that this was used as a wash fountain and communal meeting point for villagers and funded by the Inguanez family.

The Olive Grove

The family also bequeathed an orchard bursting with Olive trees, some of which date back to the 12th century. The olives are organically grown, using no pesticides whatsoever. They are then collected, pressed and bottled on the spot, producing thick, unfiltered, virgin olive oil.

The Fertile Lands

Our family has been blessed with rich soil and fertile lands. From the very outset, we have succeeded in growing bounteous produce, even in the most difficult of times. We have been brought up to recognize the elements and minerals present in our soil in order to be able to nourish it more accurately. The valleys themselves are a sight we never tire of, with the sunset falling right above our treasured gardens.