In house Creative

Diar il-Bniet is looking for a full time In house Creative. Hours will be 35-45 hours a week including weekend or evening work. *flexibility is a must.

The right person is | hard-working excited, motivated, a true self starter and a team player. The job consists of a mixed bag of tasks and assignments and is the right fit for a motivated young creative who is searching to join a a young and hip space at the intersection of food, local produce and design. These three topics are of supreme importance and carry through in all that we do. You should be super passionate about these topics and of course about Diar il-Bniet and our mission.



If you are strongly considering this position, please note that this is an entry level position with an opportunity for growth. Hours will be 35-45 hours a week including weekend or evening work. This is a long term opportunity and should not be viewed as a temporary gig. We would expect a minimum of a one year commitment but hope for more.


The right candidate for this position will have had 2-3 years of experience in a creative work environment. Previous and relevant work experience can include styling or photographic assisting, restaurant experience or other service oriented work, small businesses startups, work in the arts etc.

Jack of Trades

This job really is a mix of many different tasks and talents. The right person need not be an expert in any but is hopefully suitably experienced and well versed in the following: food, art/photography/design, styling, production and hospitality. Most importantly this person is passionate about these topics and sees this as an opportunity to learn and grow in all of these fields.

Warmth | Trueness | Integrity

We are a very small group at Diar il-Bniet, our team is warm, amicable – pleasant and truthful, easy going and at the same time know when it is appropriate to work and put their head down. We are a small family at Diar il-Bniet and are really looking for like-minded good talented folks to join, no ulterior motives needed.


This job will require you to deal directly with many different kinds of people and clients. The right person will be warm and friendly but not overly so and know when to contribute and chime in, but equally when to be a quiet observer or a calm presence.


Diar il-Bniet maintains a very rustic and concise style, a natural and organic approach – a taste for the simpler things. Having an aligned aesthetic is crucial to the job.


As it relates to food we are passionate about local, sustainable and ingredient driven fare. We focus on simple, good food and feel very strongly about its sourcing and beauty. A knowledge of the current food scene, restaurants, coffee shops and trends is integral.


This is a hugely important part of the job, you should be excited to organize and re-organize. We keep a very tidy and neat space, everything in its place and a very minimal environment must be maintained. This applies to admin work, pantry + prop closet, general studio organization and beyond. This job is for you if you not only love to create organization but are also passionate about problem solving and pro-active enough to take initiative and come up with a solution, in all that you do.



The candidate job will include any and all of the following:

Design | Copywriting | Social Media | Administration

  • Be responsible for the Diar il-Bniet graphic designing media
  • Be responsible for the writing of all copy that is disseminated by Diar il-Bniet
  • Be responsible for Diar il-Bniet Social Media,
  • Create and research blog posts and content
  • Internal database


PhotoGraphy | Styling | Events

  • Sourcing for shoots both in-house and in the farm, and editing
  • Assist in event planning strategy and project research



  • Be a helping help to the branding agency  when conducting works for Diar il-Bniet
  • Promote and up-sell Diar il-Bniet products and services
  • To make time for creative thinking
  • To back up files and documents on a regular basis
  • To implement ethical practices and ensure confidentiality at all times.



Social media savvy

This means having your own strong aesthetic on pinterest, facebook, tripadvisor, social media groups and instagram + following current trends in the market regarding food, design, travel etc.

Computer Skills 

These skills must be on point, proficiency in mac programs a plus but overall a strong ability to create designs, spreadsheets, do online research and maintain an organized process throughout.

Additional knowledge

Photoshop, iWork, excel, wordpress are valuable.

The following skills are a plus Styling Video (capture and editing) Recipe testing and/or developing Design


Kindly apply for this position by sending your CV to