Diar il- Bniet Easter Kids Event



From where to start? What a fruitful day filled with activities,  fun and happiness.

As soon as we gathered all at the entrance of the Estate we have moved on to the splendid area of the olive grove. An area surrounded with green and 7oo year old olive trees, these tree are estimated to be some of the oldest here in Malta.
You can see the smile on the kids faces as soon as we started with the ice breaking game. We sat in circle and introduced ourselves to each other, some were siblings and some never met but we all got together !!

Hats on, sunglasses on and off we go!
Kids were lucky to meet one of our farm dog Cindy, she’s very sweet and good with kids. We started off the day with a tour around the farm explaining what produce we have in season and some facts about the favourite fruit of all time the strawberry.
They were really interested in listening how the farmers plant the produce and how does the veg and fruit grow, WOW what fun ! It was mesmerising for us to know that kids at such young age has lots of interest in agriculture. We than sat down and drew somethings which we saw and was listening at that moment. Kids were creative in their drawings and also they took this matter very serious in emphasizing their theory .

As they say, pure air opens an appetite. We went back to the olive grove and sat under the trees munching on a freshly prepared ‘Ftira’ done by our chef in the morning. The traditional ftira with tuna mix and homemade ‘kunserva’ was exquisite.

Nice breeze, fresh air, good food followed by a fresh squeezed Orange juice. Oranges picked in early morning by the from our trees at the estate. No thing can beat this!
The joy and enthusiasm was when the farmer came over and handed over to large pots of big juicy strawberries!

Fun, Fun and more fun! Time to get our hands working 🙂 We proceeded next to the tables and started doing our crafts.
The kids enjoyed gluing and sticking bits and pieces together to create their own Easter craft, some this the felt sheep and others this sequence eggs.

This 6hr event was coming to an end but we made sure that the last hours of this event will be associated on what we do at Diar il- bniet.
We explained what use you can do with your produce, one can cook it, boil it and preserve it!

We have pickled onions the old traditional way and nicely packed the jar with stickers strings and tags, followed by planting our own herb plant.

We also had time to play some traditional Maltese games and Kids were delighted to show us more and explain more on what they know about the traditional games.

On the whole the event was a successful one and we enjoyed every minute of the day.  More photos are available on our Facebook page and for those who couldn’t make it for this one, stay tuned to this space for more events like this!

Thank you!